Life and art collide in Gabe Leonard’s 2013 original art collection ‘LUCK’. A multi-faceted collection that is set to elevate his work to new levels.

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“The Oxford Dictionary states that luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. In this collection I would like viewers to draw their own conclusions”

“I am so excited about everyone seeing ‘LUCK’ in it’s entirety. It has taken me just under a year to produce. It is the most exciting collection of paintings I have produced to date” said Gabe.

The full collection which includes originals, studies and exclusive giclees will be displayed at the following exclusive event:

12th October 2013
8pm – 10pm

SHE by Morton’s
3720 Las Vegas Blvd
South 260
Las Vegas
VV 89109

It is expected that all original works of art will be sold well in advance of the exhibition. For more information on the ‘LUCK’ collection and exhibition please email to avoid disappointment.