Power, Love and Success Limited Edition Collection Released In North America and Canada

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The eagerly awaited new limited edition collection “Power Love and Success” has been released to galleries across the United States and Canada.

All prints are signed, numbered and certified by Gabe Leonard, with a strict 175 global edition size. Gabe describes the inspiration for the collection below:

“I have been painting the ‘wild west’ theme for a while and that carried over into depression era mobster stories. For the mobsters I was carrying over the guns-a-blazin’ ideas, but that seemed to carry over only so many times. It wasn’t until I completed an Al Capone painting called ‘The Good Stuff’ that I realized I could transfer that image of attitude and swagger into a more fitting way to the genre. Businessmen, lovers, closers and deal-makers are all part of todays society. In many ways they are modern day outlaws, both good and bad. I feel very confident in the atmosphere and tension of the collection – the way the characters imply action through their subtle postures or facial expressions. It was a way of expanding the previous genres while maintaining that attitude. Hope you like!” – Gabe

Power, Love and Success is scheduled to be released in Europe in 2013